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By: TheForesters

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Thanks for everyone's support! Check out what the foresters are up to next! 


The Foresters are 3 brothers:
Evan 12 - Guitar and Lead vocals
Hayden 10 - Bass & vocals
Liam 9 - Drums

They all bought their own instruments in the fall of 2010 and have
worked very hard to hone their craft. They play gigs where ever and when
ever they can and have started to see success from their hard work with
recent shows at Toads Place, The Space, The Amity Teen Center and were
recently booked as the youngest band to ever perform at the famous
Meriden Daffodil Festival. They were also asked to appear on the pilot
for the television show Lifestyles of the Young and Fabulous where they
performed infront of a live studio audience. The crowd loved them so
much that they lined up to get their autographs for over 30 minutes.

Foresters have written nearly 20 original songs and would love to
record as many of them as your pledges will allow. If you want lots of
Foresters songs help the band raise lots of funds! ;-) Check out what
kind of loot you can get for your donation below.


$10 for a Autographed bumper sticker

$30 for a digital download of the album

$50 for a autographed CD

$100 for an autographed original show set list from the 4/26 Daffodil Festival

$300 for a concert anywhere in Connecticut. You name the place!

$1000 and The Foresters will write a song just for you!


Check out this great interview with The Foresters in the Record Journal



Here's a slideshow of The Foresters appearance on the television pilot "Lifestyles Of The Young And Fabulous" with host Tricia Messeroux


Here's a recent performance at the Amity Teen Center


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  • TheForesters July 27, 2012 at 8:03 am #

    Hey everyone! Thanks for pledging your support for The Foresters to record some songs. We're excited to announce we will be heading into the studio in August! We will put your donations towards the recording costs and work with MeritBooster to figure out how to get you your premiums! 

    Be sure to check out for up coming shows, vidoes and updates on the recording process! 

    August is going to be a very busy month!

    8/3 - House Band for The Grove Jam session at 71 Orange Street Noise On9 6-8pm

    8/3 - ATC show at 9pm

    8/17 - Show at The Room in Brookfield

    8/24 - Toads show

    8/25 - Halfnight Entertainment Showcase at the ATC

    9/13 - Show at The Space

  • rajesh March 31, 2012 at 1:23 am #

    This project is awesome! go Foresters!

    Please keep us updated on your progress as you raise funds. and Post pics when you go in to record!

    Best of luck with your music careers!

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