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Bike ride to help the Adaptive Sports Program of Gaylord Rehab Hospital

By: Tyler Felson

About This Project

In October 2011, my family's good friend Colleen Alexander was run over
by a truck while riding her bike home from work on Route 1. Colleen was
in a coma for a month, and almost died several times. She miraculously
survived, and in 2 months was transferred to Gaylord Hospital for
rehabilitation. She owes her recovery to the amazing dedication
and skill of the staff at the Gaylord. She is back at home now and can
walk, although she has to undergo a lot more surgeries. The funds raised by
this project will go to support Gaylord Hospital so they can
continue to do their good work for a long time. Visit Colleen's Facebook
page to learn more and get to know her! She's pretty amazing.

She recently posted this to her Facebook page about her experiences at Gaylord:

My heart is full of gratitude for the physical therapists that pushed me when I was in horrific pain and panicked with fear, the nurses that held my hands, wiped my tears, hugged me, prayed with me, treated my broken body with dignity and helped mend my many wounds. What a blessing nurses can be.. Those women and men helped me begin to get my life back. I am so excited to embrace them on 10/20 at the cycling tour.

Colleen is now organizing a bike ride in October 2012 to raise money for
Gaylord Hospital. I am going to ride 10 miles with others in this

Your money will go to support Gaylord's Adaptive Sports Program, a program that uses sports to help recover from traumatic injuries. People in this program will participate in the ride using special equipment such as bikes that allow paraplegics (people who can't use their legs) to pedal with their hands. Here's a link to their website:

If you donate $50 - Meet Tyler at a place of your choice to go on a 5 mile ride with him in training for the ride!

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Hey everyone - thank you so much for boosting my project! 70$ isn't the kind of money to really make a difference in someone like Colleen's life (see the project if you don't know who Colleen is). We need to get the word out - tell people about this! Facebook, twitter, any social network you have, it never hurt to put a post out there to help others. It only takes a few seconds to upload it to Facebook and show your friends, family, and co-workers. Anything from a penny to $1000 works (although I guess a $1000 donation would help a bit more :-) ), so why not? Anyways, I'm starring @ the Ivoryton Playhouse as Oliver in Oliver!. The show runs from Aug. 8 - Sept. 2. visit for more information (I promise it's worth your time)! Come see me! And remember, Gaylord saves lives, so why can't you, too?


The best,


Where the money is exactly going

The money that you are donating is going to Gaylord's Adaptive Sports Program. They help rehabilitate people through sports and activities. This program will also be participating in the bike ride. Colleen told me recently that the money should go to this program specificly, not the whole hospital, because she thought it was very helpful and can be very helpful.

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  • rajesh May 1, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    Good Luck Tyler!  I'm inspired that you are thinking of how to help others at such a young age.

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