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Farm Fresh For Kids

Connecting local farmers to low-income children

By: Karthik R

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Farm Fresh For Kids (FFFK) was founded by Karthik R, to address the chronic shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables in the homes and on the plates of low-income children. After reading about Wholesome Wave’s VeggieRx program, and learning that the federal government’s WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition program is nonexistent in his home state of Nevada, he realized that this is a type of program which his hometown could greatly benefit from.


In January 2011, Farm Fresh For Kids was born. In November, Karthik was accepted into the Davidson Ambassador training program, which has helped accelerate his project and set it up for success!


The mission of Farm Fresh for Kids (FFFK) is to help economically challenged, nutritionally at-risk young children (and families) get started on including more fresh produce into their diets, while promoting small-scale local farmers. FFFK aims to facilitate the urban dweller - local farmer connection by distributing coupons to children of low-income families via their doctors. 


Redeemable for free fresh produce at certain Reno farmers markets, these coupons will be provided along with easy-to-follow nutritional information (some of which was created by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension), simple and tasty recipes, as well as fun activities to engage the interest of children in fruits and vegetables. From July to September, the coupons will be distributed to patients in the Reno area through the HAWC Clinic, UNR Student Outreach Clinic, and Wells Avenue Clinic. Our goal is to raise $900 for the summer 2012 coupon program. 


Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Persons donating $50 or over will receive a homemade wood puzzle. See for a glimpse of the puzzle. For a donation of $100 or more, you can, if you wish, be recognized on our website as a major sponsor. The progress of FFFK can be followed on our blog:

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Materials in Process of Development; New Avenues of Distribution

Thank you to all Boosters for your support of Farm Fresh For Kids! Since this project was posted, we have been able to open up a fourth avenue for the distribution of our coupons, the Nell J. Redfield Health Centers in Reno, Nevada.

Our materials are being revised for the new year; I'm translating many of the documents so that they are accessible to Hispanic patients as well.

After discussion with our current partnering farmers, it appears that we will start distributing the coupons in August. At Nell J. Redfield Health Centers, they will be distributed as part of a nutrition and oral hygiene class.

For those considering Boosting, please do visit our website for additional information.

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