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Update #4

Hi all!

This is my first update from Oshkosh, Wisconsin! I have been here three days so far, and I'm having an amazing time! I'll be doing everything from working at the museum to being a facilitator at the Aviation Camp! All of the staff are so nice to me here, and they've really taken me under their wing; as they are all older than me. Monday and today (Tuesday) were staff training all day. I had to do everything from fall off a podium being caught my all my staff to pretend to be a counselor training the staff while they acted like campers. The food here is amazing and so is my room - it's huge! I'm also so estacic that I won the MeritBooster iPad contest! I never believed I would get an iPad! As if this site hasn't been amazing for me enough already (helped me earn $955) - now it gave me an iPad too?!? I'm so psyched right now about my whole life. I feel so lucky to be me at this moment - (that could change tomorrow on the ropes course LOL- jk). This has been some of the best three days ever and I'll be writing a blog post when I take more pictures. Thanks for supporting me, it's people like you that make my dreams come true!


-Alyssa Mae :]


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