Hello World!

The Back Off Bully team would like to start by saying hello to everyone who visits our page!

For boosters, we are so grateful for your generous donations so far.  With each donation, our team grows more and more excited for the coming months and all that we have planned to do to help end bullying!

Remember to keep passing on our project!  The best way for our project to succeed is by getting the word out there.  Additionally, all donations are greatly appreciated.  Even $5 donations will really help contribute to our cause.

We will use this space to give updates about the progress of our efforts.  Trust me, there will be many updates to come!  The Back off Bully team is actively working on many projects to help with anti-bullying initiatives.  We go to many community events, and are constantly working on all things BOB.

Thanks again!  Together we can win this battle, using technology to unite us, as upstanders not bystanders.

More updates to come!


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