14 year-old Keshav Patel Pitches His Start-up to Venture Capital and Angel Investors

New Haven, Connecticut, May 18th 2012


MeritBooster founder Keshav, will be pitching his start-up's business concept to a gathering of angel and early-stage venture captial investors today.

After eleven weeks of business, technical and customer development in the first-ever Tech Start Business Accelerator from Connecticut Innovations, Keshav and co-founder Rajesh Patel are presenting their work to these early stage investors to seek the capital investment needed to fully launch MeritBooster.

"We achieved all of the milestones we set for ourselves when we came in to Tech Start including gathering customer feedback, developing a pipeline of incoming projects, and having youth successfully use our platform to raise funds" said Rajesh.  "The youth fund-raising market needs modern tools that will increase fund-raising efficiency and broaden the scope of youth fund raising.  We've met so many amazing young people and our mission is to help them realize their full potential by removing the financial roadblock to their aspirational projects."

Today marks the formal conclusion of the Tech Start business accelerator.  9 teams started in the inaugural Tech Start Class.  The teams will have seven minutes each to pitch their business concept and capture the interest and imagination of the early stage investors gathered in the room.

Of the demo-day pitches Rajesh indicated "It's really an amazing opportunity that Tech Start has presented us.  It is extremely rare that a company as young as ours has the chance to get the mind-share of so many angel and early-stage VC investors in one sitting.  We are excited about presenting our work to them today."

Asked about pitch preparations Keshav said "This week was just crazy with preparations.  We went over our slide deck more times than I can remember, and worked on every sentence.  We also had to prepare our executive summary, and we took the time to plan some other little surprises too."

The Tech Start demo day is an invitation-only event running from 8 am to 12 noon today.

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