This is EXACTLY what MeritBooster was made for

Wired blogger Jonathan H. Liu aka Geek dad, is a huge Kickstarter supporter. Just recently he attended a school meeting where they let go of 2 teachers in the schools arts programs, due to budget cuts.  

Jonathan thought it would be really cool if you could do a Kickstarter to support his school, He even made a mock-up showing what the project would look like. He knew that, unfortunately Kickstarter would never approve this type of project.


Profiles in Youth Exellence: Vishnu Patel

Young people are capable of AMAZING things.  When young people find something they are truly passionate about, they often push themselves above and beyond their peers to pursue their passion.  Profiles in Youth Excellence is a new series of blog posts where I'll be highlighting young people who exemplify personal excellence in some way.

We begin the series with Vishnu Patel.

Vishnu is self-taught musician and a 12th grader at Berlin High School (BHS).  Over the last year and a half, in addition to taking a full load of honors and AP classes, Vishnu TAUGHT HIMSELF how to play guitar.

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