My First Pitch to VCs

Monday was the midterm pitch to the Connecticut Innovations board. The purpose of this session was to gauge our progress and get feedback on our pitch from people outside of Tech Start, - people who hear pitches day in and day out.  Even though we had to do a video pitch for Tech Start, the difference was that in video you can edit mistakes out, but in real life you can't. On the drive down to Connecticut Innovations in the morning, it hit me that this was actually my first time pitching to an group of venture capitalists, something I hope to be doing a lot more of in the future.

Tech Start day 1

Today was the first day of TechStart, and it was quite the experience. The day started just like a school day, wake up at close to 6 in  the morning then get ready, and drive down to Connecticut Innovations, to get to work. For the people who don't know what tech start is is, it is a ten week business accelerator program that aids start-ups by providing them with resources such as mentors, funding, office space etc. we had applied towards the end of February.

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