Profiles in youth excellence: Meet the Foresters!

Who are you? What do you do: We're The Foresters, we write and play out own music, and a few covers. At the moment we are getting ready to record our first EP!

Hayden is the bassist, 10 years old.

Liam is the drummer, and also the youngest band member at 9 years old.

Evan- The oldest band mate at 12. He is the lead singer, the guitarist and the song writer for The Foresters.

All three band mates are self taught and are at the moment honing their skills by taking lessons.

The Foresters started in 2010, Evan, Liam and Hayden had been learning instruments for a long time but the three brothers actually got serious about their band after going to a Green day concert. The were so inspired by what Greenday had done with their music that they decided to make their own band. "It became a real thing after that concert" said Liam.

After the brothers went to the concert and were inspired they started brain storming names. The band came up with The Foresters because of the forest around their house, soon they were playing live gigs all over CT from resturants to the Daffodil Festival.

 What were the top 3 challenges in pursuing this activity:
coming up with new material, getting to gigs on time. Not to mention working to put together their (growing) fan base.

Evan being The Foresters' main song writer is normally the one who is faced with the challenge of making new music. Evan described his music making process to me, as a ever changing process, it starts with him and the rest of the guys coming up with a few riffs,from familiar song, then building on that with melody and lyrics.

Liam says that getting to gigs on time, can became hard...Between packing up all the instruments and avoiding traffic, they go through a lot to make sure they don't disappoint their fans.

What other activities or hobbies do you have:

Outside the band, the boys (specifically the younger two, Liam and Hayden) share interests in sports, they often play soccer in and around the wooded area near the house.

Liam also LOVES practicing on his drums, he plays sets form their songs when ever he has time to spare. 

Evan enjoys graphic design and computer software, in a recent project, him and his friends are attempting to build an operating system. He is also learning how to do 3D animation.

 Who are your role models and why:
Rock music influences the sound and feel of our music, the bands that have the most influence are Rush, Blink-182, Green day, and Led Zepplin, because they are similar to the kind of musik we play.
The Foresters play a mix of pop and punk music, a style of music that sound very different form the two other types of music it originated from. (It acctualy sounds similar to rock, or that is what I think anyway.)

What is your advice for someone starting out in this activity:

Know your music, and PRACTICE, you need to be relaxed.

The Foresters say that practice is one thing that is especialy important.


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