Why I'm building MeritBooster and how YOU can help shape our future direction


I built this site after going door-to-door myself to raise funds for a school trip to Washington DC.  One day at dinner I told my dad that the whole door-to-door thing kinda stinks.  Dad said "It builds character" (yeah, yeah). But then he asked "What *would* you do to earn money to fund your trip?"  

After some thought I decided that I would love to keep a video blog about my trip (I love watching youTube videos of all kinds) in exchange for funding.  My dad suggested that I should find a platform on-line where I could ask people to support me in this way.  When I came up empty - we decided to build MeritBooster.  

I started learning about web development from my dad (I'm still learning) and we started putting together this site and the business plan.  

In a way, building MeritBooster.com kinda is  my MeritBooster project (so meta right?)

We're still figuring out exactly what it will take to be successful...we've never done this before - From what kinds of projects will Creators do, to what kids of projects will Boosters support, everything is subject to tweaking and improvement.  

So here's your chance to help us set the direction.  

As a potential Creator,

what kind of information would make it easier for you to come up with a project to do? (note this is NOT a charity site where you just say "gimme money")  

As a potential Booster,

what kind of projects would you support?

would you want something tangible in return?  

Is the idea that your donation/support is geting a kid like me to turn off the TV  and PS3 and do extra work above and beyond what their peers are doing something that appeals to you?  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these questions in the comments below.

                                           - Keshav



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