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Hi everyone, welcome to Meritbooster.com. Meritbooster is a place to come and discover kids, like me doing cool projects, or raising funds for a school trip or charity organization. If you are a kid, this website is a new way to raise funds for almost any cause.

There are two types of users for our site - Creators and Boosters.

Creators are young people (ages 13 - 19) who are trying to raise funds by doing a project.

Boosters are folks who support the Creators by giving funds.

As a Booster, you will find that some projects offer you rewards for certain levels of support, and for other projects, the reward is simply knowing that when you support the Creator, you're getting a young person to turn off the TV and video games and to do something above and beyond what his or her classmates are doing. (You are funding them to find and develop excellence within themselves).

We're still finguring a lot of things out, but I will use the Founder's blog to keep you all updated on latest developments and to share my experiences as I go on this journey of building MeritBooster.com.


More to follow - stay tuned,




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