Profiles in youth excellence: Meet the Foresters!

Who are you? What do you do: We're The Foresters, we write and play out own music, and a few covers. At the moment we are getting ready to record our first EP!

Hayden is the bassist, 10 years old.

Liam is the drummer, and also the youngest band member at 9 years old.

Evan- The oldest band mate at 12. He is the lead singer, the guitarist and the song writer for The Foresters.

All three band mates are self taught and are at the moment honing their skills by taking lessons.

This is EXACTLY what MeritBooster was made for

Wired blogger Jonathan H. Liu aka Geek dad, is a huge Kickstarter supporter. Just recently he attended a school meeting where they let go of 2 teachers in the schools arts programs, due to budget cuts.  

Jonathan thought it would be really cool if you could do a Kickstarter to support his school, He even made a mock-up showing what the project would look like. He knew that, unfortunately Kickstarter would never approve this type of project.


Profiles in Youth Exellence: Vishnu Patel

Young people are capable of AMAZING things.  When young people find something they are truly passionate about, they often push themselves above and beyond their peers to pursue their passion.  Profiles in Youth Excellence is a new series of blog posts where I'll be highlighting young people who exemplify personal excellence in some way.

We begin the series with Vishnu Patel.

Vishnu is self-taught musician and a 12th grader at Berlin High School (BHS).  Over the last year and a half, in addition to taking a full load of honors and AP classes, Vishnu TAUGHT HIMSELF how to play guitar. 

ESUMs Visit: Robotics Class

On Thursday we went back to The engineering science university magnet school. The last time we went there was to talk to the digital media class, this time we went to talk to the robotics class. The kids were really enthusiastic when we talked to them, they asked questions, and participated in the conversation.

We talked mostly about their interests and what they enjoyed doing in their spare time. Their interests were very diverse, one person liked playing music, others liked fixing computers, soccer, baseball and some enjoyed just hanging out with friends.

My First Pitch to VCs

Monday was the midterm pitch to the Connecticut Innovations board. The purpose of this session was to gauge our progress and get feedback on our pitch from people outside of Tech Start, - people who hear pitches day in and day out.  Even though we had to do a video pitch for Tech Start, the difference was that in video you can edit mistakes out, but in real life you can't. On the drive down to Connecticut Innovations in the morning, it hit me that this was actually my first time pitching to an group of venture capitalists, something I hope to be doing a lot more of in the future.

Service-Learning Projects & MeritBooster: A Great Fit!

Today we went to Bailey Middle School, to meet with students in the Teen Outreach Program class, (a class facilitated by the Coordinating Council for Children in Crisis).  This class is doing a service-learning project.   We wanted to learn what the students were doing,  and to see if MeritBooster could be helpful to them.  These students are making and selling friendship bracelets to raise money to provide meals for  families  living at the Ronald McDonald House while a sick child is getting treatment.

Tech Start day 1

Today was the first day of TechStart, and it was quite the experience. The day started just like a school day, wake up at close to 6 in  the morning then get ready, and drive down to Connecticut Innovations, to get to work. For the people who don't know what tech start is is, it is a ten week business accelerator program that aids start-ups by providing them with resources such as mentors, funding, office space etc. we had applied towards the end of February.

Pitching - Convincing Others About Your Ideas

Pitching means to tell others about an idea in an attempt to gain support. It's a valuable skill to have in all walks of life, and especialy if you want to make it in
the entrepreneurial world.

Why I'm building MeritBooster and how YOU can help shape our future direction


I built this site after going door-to-door myself to raise funds for a school trip to Washington DC.  One day at dinner I told my dad that the whole door-to-door thing kinda stinks.  Dad said "It builds character" (yeah, yeah). But then he asked "What *would* you do to earn money to fund your trip?"  

Welcome to

Hi everyone, welcome to Meritbooster is a place to come and discover kids, like me doing cool projects, or raising funds for a school trip or charity organization. If you are a kid, this website is a new way to raise funds for almost any cause.

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